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Placid, Being, Ducks, Plastic

all is good.


Born in 2020, we are an independent, self-funded game studio located in Rome, Italy.

We were friends way before deciding to start making video games together, which means we have years of jokes, banter, cheap dinners, nights out, and D&D campaigns on our shoulders.

One day, once we part ways, we'll become industry veterans. For now, though our dinners have become healthy and we go to sleep early, we'll keep spawning silly ideas fueled by the power of banter and friendship.

If all goes well, we'll never become industry veterans.


The ultimate high-tech rubber duck simulation, Placid Plastic Duck brings you dangerous levels of relaxation. With chill music, dreamy 3D graphics, and many different happy ducks, your only priority is to float around. Zero Ducks given.

Ducks, Placid, Plastic, Simulator

A dreamy 3D environment where you race as a rubber duck, Slowly Sliding Ducks is an experiment to induce frustration. You're up for a powerless competition at your favorite waterpark track. Try to beat other fierce players by helplessly watching your duck floating in the wrong direction. Slide down to cross the finishing line ahead of everyone and win a useless but incredibly cool hat to sport in your next race.

Slowly, Sliding, Ducks



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